I met with a client on Saturday.  She filed bankruptcy eight years before with a lawyer who does not have an office in Bakersfield but who had an internet based “state-wide” practice. While we went over the petition, she told me that when she bought her house several years ago, she was told that in […]

Does The Bankruptcy Trustee Come To My House?

No, but you should fill complete your bankruptcy papers like he does. A trustee has no right to enter your house without a Court order, just like anyone else.  You have the right to tell anyone one that they can not come into your house.  It might be possible for a trustee to get such […]

What Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Can’t Tell You

This week I was fortunate to talk with Cathy Moran, she is one of the premier consumer bankruptcy lawyers in the country.  We both spoke at the Central California Bankruptcy Association (CCBA) Institute the week.  She is an avid bankruptcy blogger. She has recently written a great bankruptcy blog post about “What Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Can’t […]

You’ve Been Served- Bakersfield Bankruptcy Blog

You’ve Been Served Bakersfield  Bankruptcy Blog  DO NOT HIDE OUT FROM THE PROCESS SERVER.  He, or she, will do one of two things: you either be sub served you or “sewer served”.  Sub Service-California allows a process server who cannot locate a person to leave copies and then mail a copy.  “Sewer Service”-process server throws a copy […]

Guns in Bankruptcy- Part 2 Bakersfield Bankruptcy Blog

I started this discussion in a previous post, you can catch up here. The Court could have decided the objection to exemption in 3 different ways.  He could have taken the position that trustee argued: guns are never exempt as household furnishings.  It would be unlikely that he took the position that guns are always exempt.  What he […]

Keeping Your Guns In Bankruptcy-Part 1


If I file bankruptcy, do I get to keep my guns? Earlier this year, the trustee objected to exemptions in four cases when I claimed guns exempt as household furnishings.  (Exemptions are what you get to keep in bankruptcy). I was the lawyer in these cases where I defended my clients rights and protected my […]