Does The Bankruptcy Trustee Come To My House?

No, but you should fill complete your bankruptcy papers like he does.

A trustee has no right to enter your house without a Court order, just like anyone else.  You have the right to tell anyone one that they can not come into your house.  It might be possible for a trustee to get such an order.  In 30 years of practice, I have never seen it…


you should disclose everything.  Not being truthful, complete and accurate will hurt you in the long run.  I have seen cases where appropriate disclosure would have provided the person filing bankruptcy with a much better result. Tell your attorney about everything.  Failure to disclose an asset could cause trouble from the small (having to appear at a continued meeting of creditors) to bigger (not being able to keep the asset that was not listed) to the worst trouble (loosing the asset and not getting a discharge).

An honest mistake will not cause a denial of discharge.  The hard part is convincing a trustee and a judge that it was a mistake.  If you forget to list a car you have not driven in 20 years you have much better odds that if it is the car you dove to Court in.

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